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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | Watch TV Show Online

Fameless: Revenge Ink

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 04:56 PM PDT

Extant: The Other Side

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 04:26 PM PDT

Memories resurface as Molly succumbs to the virus; Julie is confronted with hard choices; and the Hybrids seek revenge. Today’s New Episodes

EP Daily: Episode 123

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 03:56 PM PDT

Today on EP Daily, we have the latest on the new Mortal Kombat movie in the Rundown; we go behind the scenes of another video game adaptation with Hitman: Agent 47; we have reviews of the massive Rare Replay collection, the retro game Life of Pixel, and the mobile game Ball King; and finally, Vic and Scott talk PS4 backwards compatibility in the Twitter Question of the Day. Today’s New Episodes

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Richie: By Nicole Richie

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 03:26 PM PDT

Born to Kill: Bobby Joe Long

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 02:56 PM PDT

Grisly documentary series examining serial killers. This edition examines the chilling case of Bobby Joe Long who raped 50 people and murdered nine. Today’s New Episodes

Britain’s Spending Secrets: Episode 1

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 02:26 PM PDT

Anne gets a couple of families to lay bare their finances to each other. The Addicots are a hard-working family that earn around £25,000 a year whilst the Stevens family are a middle class family who earn around £100,000 a year. Today’s New Episodes

Emmerdale: Wed 19 Aug 2015

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 01:56 PM PDT

Emma grows anxious about Ross. Dan is tormented by guilt. Laurel takes on a new role. Today’s New Episodes

Duck Dynasty: John Luke Gets Hitched

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 01:56 PM PDT

In this very special wedding episode, John Luke Robertson is getting married to his fiancée Mary Kate, and our cameras are with him every step of the way. From wedding planning and dress shopping, to the rehearsal dinner and the big wedding day, it’s a joyous time for the Robertson family as guests from all over the world come to bear witness on this momentous occasion. Today’s New Episodes

Doraemon (US): Super Mobile Hot Tub; Big Boys Do Cry

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 01:26 PM PDT

Super Mobile Hot Tub – Noby gives Sue a gadget that gives her a view to enjoy while taking a bath, only for it to get stuck on shuffle mode. Big Boys Do Cry – Sneech uses a growth powder to get back his stuff from Big G, only to go overboard with the powder. Today’s New Episodes

Born Again Virgin: Slaying Your Dragons

Posted: 19 Aug 2015 12:56 PM PDT


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