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The Furniture Bible

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 02:01 PM PDT

Christophe Pourny learned the art of furniture restoration in his father's atelier in the South of France. In this, his first book, he teaches readers everything they need to know about the provenance and history of furniture, as well as how to restore, update, and care for their furniture—from antiques to midcentury pieces, family heirlooms or funky flea-market finds. The heart of the…

Toolbox Initiative in Senegal 2015

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 01:17 PM PDT

The Toolbox Initiative is a volunteer organization that collects used tools and other resources from jewelers in North America to give to jewelers in West Africa. In the spring of 2015, Matthieu Cheminée and Tim McCreight traveled to Senegal to distribute tools and silver. This is a record of that trip.

Matelassè Crochet

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 12:33 PM PDT

Texture is the focus of these 15 exquisite afghan patterns. Designed to imitate the look and feel of matelassè fabric, these afghans are the perfect way to celebrate the special moments in our lives….the birth of a grandchild, your son’s wedding, retirement. Skill levels range from easy to advanced. So grab a hook and begin crocheting an heirloom today!

How to Build Wooden Boats

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 11:49 AM PDT

Written especially for the amateur boat builder, this concise guidebook contains clear, practical directions and designs for building 16 modern small boats, rowboats, sailboats, outboards, a 125-class hydroplane, and a runabout. You’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, for each design presented. The construction techniques have been kept as simple as possible; moreover,…

Overcoming Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder,…

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 11:38 AM PDT

Overcoming app now available.

Up to 44 in every 1000 adults suffer from a condition known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This is much more than the normal worrying we all do – it can be a debilitating disorder leading to significant personal and social problems and sometimes financial loss.

Using established and proven CBT techniques, expert clinicians Kevin Meares and Mark Freeston help…

Sweet Paper Crafts

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 10:54 AM PDT

Sweet Paper Crafts offers 25 unique DIY paper accents that make any home or celebration a little brighter. Make tiny star garlands to string over the mantel, delicate flower wreaths for the front door, cheerful package toppers, and much more! Mollie Greene’s distinctive layered style incorporates collage techniques and use of found scraps, book pages, magazines, and old record jackets. With…

Smart Networking for Business & Personal Success: …

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 10:43 AM PDT

Smart Networking is the system and philosophy that can help you grow your business from zero to 75 clients in just one year! Based on his successful personal experience, the author outlines his simple and effective three-step system for readers to easily follow and implement. Numerous tips and practical suggestions fill the pages as well as some pointers for developing the key components,…

Aran Afghans to Crochet

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 09:59 AM PDT

If you love the romantic look of Aran pattern stitches, you should have this collection in your pattern library! Bonnie Marie Barker presents five full-size sampler afghans. To help you choose colors for your afghans, we’re also showing the stitch patterns in a few popular hues: traditional aran as well as winter white, sage green, autumn orange, and tan. Create them for gifts, for home decor,…

Holy Shift! Recovering from Christianity with the …

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 09:48 AM PDT

Holy Shift Batson! Whadda book! “Holy Shift! Recovering from Christianity with the Help of Jesus” is a very entertaining, irreverent and well researched religious self-help book penned by a retired Catholic Deacon who is truly in-touch with his spiritual side. For those of us who have struggled with the dogmatic and judgmental aspects of modern day organized Christianity, who want to feel the…

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Sock Knitting

Posted: 23 Jun 2018 09:04 AM PDT

Socks are portable, fun to knit, and quick to complete—and they make great gifts. This step-by-step guide walks you through all the techniques used to knit beautiful socks—from buying yarn to working on double-pointed needles, from turning a heel to grafting a toe. It covers knitting socks top-down, toe-up, and flat, explains how to create various heels and toes, and gives you a dozen… | Watch TV Show Online

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Stress Less, Live More

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 05:51 PM PDT

I’m never going to finish this project on time. This is hopeless; everything’s going wrong. Why do I try to do everything at once? A busy life is full of stressful situations-that’s a given. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. Your thoughts can actually affect the way your brain processes stress, for better or worse. Most of the time, our brains compound the problem, adding…

This Will Only Hurt a Little

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 05:18 PM PDT

A memoir by the beloved comedic actress known for her roles on Freaks and Geeks, Dawson's Creek, and Cougar Town who has become "the breakout star on Instagram stories…imagine I Love Lucy mixed with a modern lifestyle guru" (The New Yorker).

Busy Philipps's autobiographical book offers the same unfiltered and candid storytelling that her Instagram followers have come to know and love,…

Crafts and Hobbies : Bees and Honey

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 04:56 PM PDT

Because sometimes our brains just need to nibble …

It’s like food, occasionally you need a three-course meal, other times just a snack will do. Quik eBooks are like the cocktail sausage of the eBook world; short, tasty and perfect when you’re on the go.

The nation is buzzing. Beekeeping has taken off. The bee is a little wonder of nature, it can be kept anywhere, whether you are an urban or…

The Power of Having Fun

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 04:45 PM PDT

Fun is the key to success!

If you want to be successful, having fun is not an option. It’s a necessity. By making fun a top priority—taking meaningful, enjoyable breaks each day, week, month, and year—you’ll not only be happier but be more productive, too!

Using scientific evidence, real-world case studies, and a healthy dose of wit, bestselling author Dave Crenshaw shows that a regular…

Shop & Field Companion

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 04:01 PM PDT

Ray’s Shop and Field Companion will take you through the theory of helicopter flight, tools needed for building and setup, hovering, forward flight, and basic aerobatic maneuvers.

Standing In the Shadow

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 03:50 PM PDT

Grief counselor June Cerza Kolf is repeatedly asked for specific guidance in helping suicide survivors function and heal. Their grief is unique in that the trauma of suicide leaves them in such a devastated state that the typical coping mechanisms no longer work.
With deep sensitivity, Kolf leads readers through mourning to acceptance. She helps them realize the tragedy was out of their…

1, 2, 3 Sew

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 03:06 PM PDT

Now in ebook for the first time ever!

Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3! In this creative teaching book, craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker offers a wholly unique approach to sewing: she presents projects in groups of three, each building on the techniques used in the project before. Baker shows, for example, how to sew a glasses case, then build on those skills to create a zippered pouch, and from…

When Someone You Love Has Cancer

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 02:55 PM PDT

Few things affect a family's everyday life like the presence of an illness like cancer. Whether it's a grandparent, another family member, a teacher or neighbor or friend, children especially experience confusion, fear and misunderstanding. This book will help kids cope with the presence of cancer in their lives. Book includes 14 wonderful, full-color, full-page illustrations, and some 40…

Building a 4-Shaft PVC Loom

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 02:11 PM PDT

Building A 4-Shaft PVC Loom contains detailed plans to build a fully functional 4-shaft weaving loom using mainly PVC pipe. The loom can weave a full 24 inches wide. The cost of materials is but a fraction of the price of a new, furniture-quality wooden loom. With the exception of a Reed and Heddles, all of the construction materials may be found at home supply stores like Lowe's, Sears…

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Alcoholics Anonymous Gui…

Posted: 22 Jun 2018 02:00 PM PDT

Alcoholism has become something common that you probably know a person or two who are struggling with alcoholism. This book provides useful Information on a variety of topics relating to alcoholism.

There is a very thin line between safe alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse; however, alcohol abuse is not necessarily alcoholism. It is possible that you may be bordering on alcoholism without even…