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Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | Watch TV Show Online

EP Daily: Episode 99

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 04:26 PM PDT

Today on EP Daily, we get killer details on the Assassin's Creed movie in the Rundown; Scott tracks down Rare studio head Craig Duncan for a look at their all-new pirate game Sea of Thieves; we have reviews of the console version of The Elder Scrolls Online and the firefighter game Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes; and finally, Vic and Marissa give us some Call of Duty advice in the Twitter Question of the Day. Today’s New Episodes

Emmerdale: Tue 14 July 2015

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 03:56 PM PDT

Bob realises he is out of his depth when Carly presents him with her ill-gotten gains, and he decides it is time to make a confession. How will Brenda react when he comes clean, just as she is opening Gennie’s memorial playground? The police interrupt an awkward moment between Jimmy and Tracy with some worrying news, Debbie plays with fire, and Aaron wins an enterprise award Today’s New Episodes

EastEnders: 14/07/2015

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 03:26 PM PDT

Ian and Jane are at their wits’ end worrying about Cindy. Whitney grows suspicious of Lee’s behaviour. One family receives shocking news. Today’s New Episodes

Doraemon (US): End of the World; The Horizon Tape

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 02:56 PM PDT

“End of the World” – Noby sees an end-of-the-world vision of the future, and he and Doraemon try to warn everyone. “The Horizon Tape” – Doraemon shows Noby what the horizon looks like with the Horizon Tape, but Noby mom’s accidentally traps them there. Today’s New Episodes

Deadliest Catch: The Bait: Wave of the Future

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 02:26 PM PDT

As the storm of a decacde rages on, the captains are staying warm and dry in The Bait studio. Keith Colburn is on fire in the hot seat, Monte Colburn jumps into the fray, and a bona fide soccer star kicks back at the captain’s table. Today’s New Episodes

Deadliest Catch: 5-Year Storm (2)

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 01:56 PM PDT

A 600 mile wide storm continues to batter the fleet. Rookie skippers Jake Anderson and Josh Harris struggle to keep their heads above water while veteran captains Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen charge straight into the heart of the tempest. Today’s New Episodes

Big Brother After Dark: Day 19

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 01:27 PM PDT

Dance Moms: Abby vs. Kira … AGAIN!

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 12:56 PM PDT

With only four weeks until Nationals, the ALDC is desperate for a group routine win. To make matters worse, the Candy Apples are back with a surprise guest and they’re ready to capitalize on ALDC’s current misfortunes. The ALDC is traveling to Arizona and because Kira is still dissatisfied with Abby’s treatment of Kalani, she brings in reinforcements from Kalani’s past, which poses a direct threat to Abby. Today’s New Episodes

Counting Cars: Black, White and Hotrod All Over

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 12:27 PM PDT

Counting Cars: A Legend on Two Wheels

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 11:56 AM PDT


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